La resilienza è la capacità di trasformare la sofferenza in arte, le cicatrici in segni distintivi che ci aiutano ad affrontare la vita con ancora più responsabilità e consapevolezza. Siamo felici insieme ad Infostar, punto di riferimento del territorio in ambito IT, di annunciare il webinar La Resilienza in Emergenza che si terrà il 17 […]


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are! In this moment of emergency, understanding how to activate our resilience is a responsibility that can allow us to rediscover our creativity and our lateral thinking.We have often all hidden behind the excuse of not having enough time. The reality is that we have […]


What happens when a highly empathetic person is in a relationship with a narcissistic person who lacks empathy and has an immense sense of self-importance.The outcome? Toxic and painful (for the empath). All narcissists have one common thing that you should be aware of – they are emotionally wounded people. Inviato dal mio dispositivo Huawei […]



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