An Extraordinary Journey with Giorgio Petrosyan

Scritto da il 1 Aprile 2020

“The crowd is silent, fascinated, fully connected to the magic of the moment.

The camera operator captures this private moment, created by thousands of rituals carried out in preparation of fights that cross human history.

From a technical point of view the practice we are observing could be described as mental training, but what is happening between Giorgio and Giovanni is something special; it is work, based on continuous self-development, built on a real relationship, where you dedicate yourself to the other, as if it were the last available moment of your life.

That is Giovanni’s capability, to face the game of experience with open eyes, to accept risk of getting lost as long as one can create something good and genuine. To not look back. It seems that this is his natural gift but, actually, what appears on the surface is born from is constant training and from a lifetime’s hard work.

This is a great example for our times. This is what his life experience teaches us and with this spirit, Giovanni’s work benefits himself too.

If you have the chance to spend some time with him, you will be shocked at his measured courage in front of the general director of an important enterprise. You will be caught by his audacity when playing with his “katana” a few inches from the managing director’s head, showing no concern that he may become part of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

His way of working generates a magnetic attraction. He puts his full attention into a state of mind combining head, heart, soul, technique.

In Giovanni there is no space to move backwards, no space to fall into mere manipulations, personal games or personality games, whatever life throws at him.  Any moment is a good one to die for.
Furthermore, his spirituality is translated into his everyday behaviour. He is direct, as crystal clear as a water source, giving sense to his world and to the others in each magical encounter.

His path has been gained, inch by inch, giving his blood whenever necessary. That path was made of rocks and mud, and it enabled him to understand others. This is always brought into his work ethic, which flows into his veins.”
As a gift for you a small part of the introduction of Stefano Attruia to the book An Extraordinary Journey, written by Giovanni Tavaglione and martial legend Giorgio Petrosyan.
The merit of the translation is all of Professor Michele Degano of the University of Nottingham.

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